At AAVS we believe in adding value to your Business by assessing each situation and identifying your specific needs and requirements.

We create innovative solutions specific to the Motor Industry, taking in account the demands of both Motor Manufactures and final Customers, as well as the needs and requirements of Dealer Investors, Dealer Groups and privately-owned Dealers

We understand that in this fast-changing world, business-as-usual does not exist!

Every Business-Owner needs to think ahead and must be adaptable and open to change

The unthinkable or unimaginable today will be the reference tomorrow!
We only need to look at examples such as Uber (Taxi Business), Airbnb (Travel Accommodation), Apple (iTunes), Amazon (Online Shopping) to see this, and how quickly business can, and will change.

We cannot accept the status-quo or we will most certainly be left behind!

In the Automotive world, we still think that change will take some time or cannot not happen to us!

We can be certain that every Auto Manufacturer is busy preparing themselves to ensure their continued presence in the market

This also means preparing their Dealer Network!

This is where AAVS fits in!

Advanced Automotive Value Solutions

A start-up specifically created to assist Dealers in order prepare themselves and be ready for the future challenges!

New, advanced thinking!
Value Solutions: Adding new value for Dealers and solutions for a bright and profitable future!

Through our experience and vision AAVS can assist every Dealer who wants to stay and develop his business to go from the current
‘traditional’ distribution to a future ‘digital’ distribution

Products make it possible, but the people make it happen!

The manufacture will bring you the products and together with AAVS you and your team will make it happen!

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Francis Harnie
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It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, or the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change!
-Charles Darwin